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COOMODEL 1/6 "Iron Island" Jack -5

COOMODEL 1/6 "Iron Island" Jack -5
Note: Old Pictures has released, Eddy Huang strongly demanded accordance with the design picture to change the Body and lighting requirements change, so the we re-have changed new images (which has to borrow some of the details of the old pictures without changes) , the inconvenience, please understand!

Designer: Eddy Huang

Jack 5 (mechanical semi Warrior) Description:

"Jack," This is the captain of a national army operations forces, has been carried out in various countries, infiltration and sabotage, theft of confidential work.
In his last mission in witnessing beloved Executive crazy pressed a button to destroy the world launch of numerous nuclear world destruction,
Jack was "priest" transferred it to the last known human species to survive this land "Iron Island" to survive in a world full of radiation "Jack"
To accept the transformation of the flesh mechanization, renamed model "Jack -5" Iron Island to become the first batch of transformation of people.

After 2500 years, "Jack 5" has been in the iron ore outermost point of the island is full of high concentration of radiation under the material harvested Iron Island
"Da Qila ore" Iron Island to provide non-stop operation. But Da Qila ore mining after 2500 has been depleted, as long as
Iron Island is located in the center of the fusion reactor is stopped, iron island of livelihood mankind will lose energy, protect the island's protective layer of iron will disappear,
Artificial sun will not run, puny humans can not withstand high temperatures and winter, with the most horrible radiation.

Suddenly in the center of the world there is a living energy, "Mubarak" This energy is currently available to replace the "Da Qila ore" to continue the iron
Island all the energy of human existence. Iron Island's premier dispatched to the island one of the few fighters have combat experience, to snatch the living energy
"Mubarak" Jack 5 always regret why did 2,500 years ago to prevent nuclear launch, he joined the fight for the "Cadillac" of the team to the indemnity
Complement his fault 2,500 years ago, so humans can continue to surviv e.

Part list:
Body * 1
Machinery lamp Head * 1
T-shirt * 1
Coat * 1
Pants * 1
Shoes * 2
Robot hand * 2
Belt * 1
Backpack * 1
Pockets * 1
Battery box * 1
Knife * 1
Cannon * 1
Drill * 1
Brain * 1


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Weight 2.50 lbs
Our price: $139.99


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