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Concord U.S. Tank Battles in North Africa & Italy 1942-45

Concord U.S. Tank Battles in North Africa & Italy 1942-45
Page Count: 72 pages - 186 b/w photos, 16 color plates
Author: Steven J. Zaloga

Packaging: 50 pieces per master carton
Box Size: 12"x17.5"x4"
ISBN: ISBN 962-361-084-X

The North African Campaign was the baptism of fire for the U.S. Army in the European theater. The Campaigns in Tunisia, Sicily, and on the Italian mainland were the prelude to the main campaigns in northwest Europe and were the primary focus of US, Army operations from November 1942 to June 1944. Armor played a significant role in the Tunisian campaign, but only a supporting role in the fighting in Italy where the mountainous terrain limited the deployment of tanks. Some idea of the relative scale of armor fighting in Italy can be appreciated from the number of units deployed. There were 15 armored divisions and 37 separate tank battalions deployed in Northwest Europe by 1945 while there were never more than one armored division and 8 separate tank battalions in Italy.

A campanion volume to "US Tank Battles in France" and "US Tank Battle in Germany", this book is filled with crisp photos from the US Army Signal Corps archive. Of interest is photos of destroyed German and Italian tanks, American recovery vehicle, prime movers, treadway bridge layer, multiple rocket launcher, and all types of Shermans.The color plates include interesting French and Italian tanks with their colorful markings.


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