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Dragon CanDo Feldgendarmerie with Dog

Dragon CanDo Feldgendarmerie with Dog
Can.Do 1/35 WWII German MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team and Feldgendarmerie with Dogs Series:

MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team:
The Maschinengewehr 1942, or MG42, had the fastest rate of fire of any weapon, at 1500 rounds per minute (up to 1800). The gun was sometimes called a "Spandau" after the suburb of Berlin where they were produced. During the war, over 400,000 were manufactured. Two man teams using this weapon were extremely dangerous.

German Feldgendarmerie with Dogs:
At the outset of the war in 1939 the Wehrmacht raised battalions of military police, the Feldgendarmerie, largely from members of the civilian police forces and reserves. Their main function was to regulate the troops, guarantee the army’s mobility and deal with captured enemy troops and material. The Feldgendarmerie served on all fronts throughout the war, often in the first elements in the advance and with the last units to retreat.


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